One of the best parts of teaching is seeing student writing develop over the course of the year, whether you're teaching kindergarten phonetic-spellers or essay-writing seniors. That's why developing a class book of writing is among our favorite end-of-year activities. Not only does it celebrate how far students came, it gives your students the chance to publish the work they do in a real, published hardbound book, much like in the library.

Here are 10 in our favorite ideas and themes for developing a class book to capture this instant.

1. Study Famous Women in History

In honor of Women's History Month in March, invite each student to research a famous woman ever and write an account about her, then compile the profiles into a class book, similar to this “People of the Past” book.

2. Create a Poetry Anthology

Students at PS 161 in New York City each contributed a cinquain poem for this beautiful book-a wonderful activity for Poetry Month in April.

3. Talk about Endangered Animals for Earth Month

Every student in Ms. Wright's class chose an endangered animal to profile inside a talk-show-style format for their class book. Each student included key facts about their animal in addition to ways that humans might help preserve the species.

4. Have Students Showcase Their Knowledge

Students in Ms. Correa's third-grade class each decided on a math topic from the year and wrote a webpage describing the concept and just what they had learned. The result? A strong review for the kids and great proof that they can function as the teachers!

You may use this method in any subject-Ms. Correa's class also published a book on their own science learning.

5. Commemorate a unique Field Trip

After their visit to nearby Abalone Cove, students in Ms. Vivo's class wrote personal essays about their experiences going to the cove and what they observed.

6. Share Recommended Reading

Students in Ms. Rauseo's second-grade class each chose certainly one of their favorite classroom books to profile in their book of recommended reading.

7. Celebrate Safety Month

In honor of National Safety Month (June), invite students to contribute to a book about smart rules of safety or precautions. This one is from a first-grade book about signs.

8. Publish Polished Stories

Students in Mrs. VanDrusen’s class drafted, edited and revised their realistic fiction stories before publishing them in a class book.

9. Celebrate annually of Learning

Members of MPB's Rockin' Kindergarten Class each wrote regarding their favorite memory from the year. One benefit of this concept? The coming year, you can share it together with your new students to provide them a preview of all the exciting things to are available in your class!

10. Talk about Students’ Wants the Future

Invite kids to write about what they need for future years, such as the students in Miss Kaminski's class did.


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