Some of the greatest STEM-spiration for your classroom comes from fellow teachers. Read on for 20 ways applicants within the CITGO Fueling Education Sweepstakes are earning science, technology, engineering and math exciting and interesting for their students.

1. Design Challenges

“My students absolutely love building and manipulating. Their most favorite thing? Design challenges. Groups of students work together for four consecutive Mondays to resolve a specific task through design, planning, building and collaboration.” –Alyssa G., Florida

2. 3-D Manipulatives

“The children within my class love to use manipulatives. During our 3-D shapes unit, we used marshmallows and toothpicks to produce our very own 3-D shapes.” –Leslie P., New York

3. Construct it Better

“Students are given a real-world problem to solve using an variety of materials. Then we test many to see which student's works best. One winning project assignment was asking the students to construct a better thermos.” –Suzie A., Florida

4. Egg Drop Challenge

“My fifth graders love doing the egg drop challenge! They need to design and test a method to drop an egg in the classroom and then the second-floor window. It’s always fun to see their designs.” –Melissa R., Ohio

Photo: Kandis T., Ohio

5. Bungee Barbie

“My students design a bungee jump for Barbie items whenever we study linear functions.” –Lerrie C., Louisiana

6. Edible Animal Cells

“An activity my students enjoy is creating edible animal cells. I give my students a variety of food items-raisins, M&M's, Jell-O, yogurt-and they become engaged while learning.” –Shirley J., Louisiana

7. Build a Better Boat

“My first graders tackled the task of designing a boat made from foil to carry as many 'pirates' (pennies) as you possibly can. It was exciting to see them collaboratively brainstorm solutions, create plans, test their ideas and make modifications to enhance their designs.” –Susan S., Indiana

8. Earthquake Engineering

“Our students practice the engineering-design process via a variety of hands-on design challenges and problem-based scenarios, such as building emergency shelters to higher consider plate tectonics.” –Laurie E., Georgia

9. Hurricane Habitus

“My fifth graders needed to develop a hurricane tower that will endure a ball for just one minute through hurricane winds (fan) and rain (spray bottle). The challenge was fun, exciting and filled with engineering because they learned the importance of structural support and just how hurricanes affect us!” –Laura T., Alabama

Photo: Sean M., Connecticut

10. Future Engineers

“I started an after-school engineering program with my students to not only allow them to learn while doing, but additionally to exhibit them the options after senior high school in the engineering industry.” –Patricia S., Louisiana

11. Ride Design

“My students create roller coasters for marbles. They will use rolls from bathroom tissue to produce ramps, jumps and curves making their marbles land inside a certain place.” –Sarah Jean L., West Virginia

12. LEGO Robotics

“I teach robotics to third and fourth graders. They could use the software to program a variety of LEGO robots they create.” –Kathie P., Illinois

13. Mini Makers

“I have created a 'maker center' in the classroom and I allow my students time for you to visit it to solve problems. A couple of popular projects: How do i make a paper frog receive from one for reds from the room to another? How can I make a dogsled from craft supplies?” –Jodie L., Tennessee

Photo: Joanie N.

14. Bird Observe

“Students build birdfeeders and feed birds for two months in the winter months. The scholars observe their feeds and journal daily.” –Kate H., Ohio

15. Soda Rockets

“I perform a two-liter soda bottle STEM activity with my students to show them about rockets. We discover and find out about fin design, nose cone design, force and motion, acceleration and speed, plus a good deal more.” –Jonathan F., Florida

16. Math in Color

“I like inspiring students to be creative in math class. I've students create an interactive coloring sheet that contains math trouble for their peers.” –Misty M., West Virginia

17. Grasp Growing

“Many of my students haven't grown plants, so I partnered with this math consultant to combine science and math and designed a life science unit using the focus on growing peas.” –Tammy G., Michigan

Photo: Tammy G, Michigan

18. Moon Movement

“We studied the phases of the moon and marked shadow movement during the day.” –Karen D., Florida

19. Solar Ovens

“To demonstrate how heat and lightweight work, we used pizza boxes as solar ovens to melt crayons and marshmallows. The students had to work out how the light would travel and reflect to get within the box.” –Bryanna H., Florida

20. Veggie Time

“The students were researching different ways to power objects therefore we used vegetables to power a clock. The vegetables work as galvanic cells, releasing electrical power through chemical reactions.” –Michelle L., Maryland

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