Through actually talking to a lot of teachers during the entire UK and also other countries about Discovery Education Espresso common issues developed. Many did not know simply how much was over the service, or how to get with it. So on this along with the other websites (get them all on our UK Community page) We’re sharing ‘tips and tricks’ of what is on Discovery Education Espresso to compliment the teaching of numeracy.

There will likely be hyperlinks and pathways to all resources (NB for anyone who is on the internet signed in, site will give you on to the resource in case your school runs on the box, the pathways are written below that you should easily navigate through the service). All resources shown could have related resources C so have a look around!

Each post can have new links to create perception of the invention Education Espresso service.

OK, introduction over!


Discovery Education Espresso: Site | Subject home-page | Module guide


MODULES: Resources on Discovery Education Espresso are arranged in modules C this simply means an accumulation of videos, activities, images, factfiles and various sorts of resources with respect to the subject.

When you click using a subject in the home page, you receive taken to the subject home page.

Every subject has lots of modules, along with every, there’s lots of resources.

MODULE GUIDES: In your website posts, we’ll be using resources within modules, like a specific image. ?Each module contains a module guide, and I would definitely recommend you which has a glimpse at one. Module guides were written to save you time; to present you a look at every one of the resources and in what ways they align to the curriculum.

At the very bottom with the module guide, under Application and Extension?you can find further strategies for teaching each area. Module guides also?lists all?the ingredients in the module.

To begin, here’s out first Digital numeracy tips & tricks post “Using footage of true to life contexts to teach fractions and more”