President Rabinowitz

In light of events and discussions on college campuses in the united states, it is important for people to recognise which we attempt to stress diversity in just about every sense at Hofstra: with this classrooms, in this campus life alongside all aspects of our community.? Education and understanding our history, our cultures and customs today i wish to understand and respect the additional.? It truly is throughout the first step toward a liberal arts education and also the foundation for in a democratic society.? We expect that your higher campus should be a secure space, the place where students can explore who they are and who they are going to become, experiencing and gaining knowledge through people of most backgrounds.?

Our university calendar is constructed around diversity plus the things that surround it, throughout the celebration our cultural awareness months to academic programs in African, Latin American and Caribbean, LGBT, women’s along with other cross-cultural studies, religion, and global studies.? The Cultural Center produces programming for African-American History Month, Latin American and Caribbean Studies lectures, ?Issues in Judaism, to mention a few, as well as Astman Concert Series, offering global music.? Our office of Intercultural Engagement and Inclusion encourages and facilitates the efforts on the plethora of student groups, representing numerous cultural identity and interest groups. That week, our National Center for Suburban Studies hosted its seventh annual diversity awards dinner, celebrating the unique diversity of America’s first suburb.

Our work, however, isn’t done.? Providing there is certainly injustice anywhere, we’ve got to be vigilant in educating, discussing and creating awareness and understanding around problems with diversity.? A various and free community is crucial within the success of your great university, and Hofstra University has long stood a sustained persistence to fostering an environment of tolerance, understanding and interconnection collectively in addition to the world around us – local, national and international.

To produce an open exchange about diversity means we’ll ought to be equally convinced of dialogue, the difficult discourse which ends up in some greater understanding between people.? We’re not able to avoid referring to diversity and multiculturalism, it’s actually often words that cause the divisions between us. Speech on campus must remain free and open, while everyone pledge to maintaining the civil and respectful discourse outstanding universities are known, where knowledge and acceptance comes.

Diversity is and will lodge at as well as in our mission statement: “Hofstra University is invested in recruiting and retaining a properly qualified and diverse academic community of scholars, faculty, staff and administrators respectful of your respective contributions and dignity of each in the members.”

We will almost always be unwavering within our persistence for making our campus welcoming, inclusive and other.? Our company is but will are nevertheless there for discuss, listen making our campus, and therefore the earth, a greater place.

— President Stuart Rabinowitz