Hofstra University’s Center for Civic Engagement presents “Civil Rights and Wrongs” C the whole day’s forums, discussions, and performances that should examine the current state of human and civil rights in the united states C on Wed., Feb. 24, 2019, from 9 a.m. to p.m.

Presented honoring Civil Rights Day, the day’s events looks around the ongoing challenges of comprehending the intersection of race, immigration, gender and sexual orientation through timely sessions including:

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  • #OscarSoWhite: Hollywood’s Black List C a dialogue on problems with minority representation, art, commerce and identity while in the film industry today.
  • Pay Equity, Family Leave, and then the Law C this short have a look at the way a Women’s Equality Act helps disintegrate some barriers to women’s success on the job, and ways in which laws and policies could be used to cause continued change.
  • Trans-Migration: Transgender People and U.S. Immigration Practices – a conversation about transgender immigration from the U.S., practices in deportation, along with what you must understand about trans/human justice issues.
  • The Water Crisis in Flint: Environmental Injustice, Systemic Racism, and Civil Rights C three speakers, including two from Flint, Michigan, will discuss the events prior to the pool crisis there along with anything they generally do today to battle it, plus lessons which were place on environmental justice issues on suburban Ny.

The day may also your website primer on civil rights and social justice, slam poetry, film screening, plus a performance presented through Department of Drama and Dance.?The offices over the Provost and Dean of Students could also sponsor a dialogue where students and faculty can discuss diversity issues and concerns, in most conversations that began in fall 2019.

For a whole schedule of speakers, events, and locations, visit Hofstra.edu/crd.

“Civil Rights and Wrongs” is presented in cooperation while using Hofstra Cultural Center and also Department of Health Professions inside the School of Health Professions and Human Services.