The COVID-19 crisis continues to be the catalyst for significant reflection on and transformation of how that we do things. This is correct not only in education, obviously, but also in business, social interactions, and the way that we gather in Christian community.

A group of 11 Warner faculty members have been thoughtfully considering these changes and will also be providing a chance for the city to think about various results of the pandemic. On June 22, Warner University will begin a totally free one-credit (can also be taken for no credit) online course about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our world. The limited-size, multidisciplinary course will last for 8 weeks, with each week an opportunity to take into account the coronavirus pandemic through the lens of various fields of study. This can be a time of profound change that needs a sustained conversation informed by wisdom and our Christian faith.

There is going to be modules around the history of pandemics, the biology and mathematical analysis of COVID-19, economic effects, effects on education, effects on businesses and the food, effects around the criminal justice system and social work, effects on church community and congregating, and reflections on living during after the pandemic. JOIN US! This really is liberated to the city, in addition to students. No books needed with no fees!