Warner student Michelle Miller is the recent recipient of a scholarship from the AAUW (American Association of University Women) Lake Wales branch.

Here are a few words in the deserving student Michelle:

I am a forty-six-year-old married mother of three which has a full-time career in Crime Scene with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. After i received the e-mail concerning the scholarship opportunity I almost deleted it with the mindset that the odds would be stacked against me. Then i recalled a current conversation with my oldest daughter who is fifteen. I tell my children to always do their finest and check out their hardest regardless of odds. My husband and I attempt to teach them to operate a hardship on what they need. Who would I be if I did not do the same?

I graduated high school twenty-seven years back with no guidance about my future and my career opportunities. I worked mostly in the citrus industry until 2001 when I started employed in their state prison system. I then moved over to the neighborhood (county) government and located my desire for crime scene investigations.

I have wanted a university degree since the day I graduated from high school. Things that held me back were not having the money, ignorance concerning the steps to get started, but mostly just fear, fear of failing. I finally decided to go for it and continue being a job model in my two daughters and my son. Understandably, college is not cheap. My employer does do reimbursement however, you have your initial up front expenses, so this could not have come in a better time!

I just want to say thank you again to Warner for posting the email concerning the scholarship opportunity and to the American Association of University Women (Lake Wales chapter) to take time to check out submission as well as for choosing it.

The luncheon to honor her and also the other scholarship recipient come in the autumn when AAUW has the capacity to meet per CDC guidelines.

Congratulations to Michelle! Keep up the great work on Warner!